GoodAdviseHers was started to create community for women who are in advisory roles to the good or social sector.  As a virtual incubator, GoodAdviseHers operates under the model that "the sum is greater than its parts" meaning that we believe by working collaboratively across industries with colleagues that share a similar commitment to social good that we can each better serve our clients in a more efficient, effective, and holistic manner.


To serve as a virtual incubator and home to women who support the social sector, providing members with a supportive community of resources that better enable them to serve their clients


  • Members are a part of a supportive community of like-minded professionals who serve the same clients, with similar challenges and experiences
  • Through a curated membership process, members are provided with an automatic 'brain trust' of resources through their fellow members.  Collaborative conversation is highly encouraged
  • Regular meetings which include educational seminars in addition to relationship and network building
  • Through the GoodAdviseHers Giving Circle, members will be able to identify and fund high impact organizations - supporting them beyond the level of services traditionally provided by each respective member
  • Offer a referral network of professionals across membership who share a commitment to serving the social sector
  • Marketing of each member through a GoodAdviseHers resource directory 

There are other networking, social, and professional development groups that we belong to, and enjoy. But we wanted to create something that really addressed the unique challenges and needs of women advisors in the social sector. That’s what we’re building here.
— Marta Ferro and Beth Bergman, Co-Founders, GoodAdviseHers